Can I Break My SafeLock On PiggyVest?

Can your account be hacked with your BVN number?

BVN means Bank Verification Number.

BVN number cannot be used to transfer money from your bank account.

It is a rumour that once you give out your bvn number to wrong people, they automatically have access to your account and can steal money from your bank account..

How do I invest in PiggyVest?

How to invest money with PiggyVestCreate an account. First step is to create an account. The process is very easy. … Navigate to investify. Once you are inside your piggyVesy account Dashboard. … Review investment opportunities and invest. You will find various investment opportunities.

Is PiggyVest regulated?

100%. We operate as an MFB regulated by the CBN and funds insured by the NDIC.

What is PiggyVest?

PiggyVest is a savings and investment platform launched in 2016 and is primarily a savings app. Formerly known as Piggy Bank, they rebranded to become PiggyVest in 2019 and also began to offer investment opportunities to users besides savings.

How much money can you save in a piggy bank?

Should you want to take a really nice trip in 10 years for a special occasion, to accumulate the $15,000 cost, you have to save $3.93 per day. If you drop that into a piggy bank and then once a year put $1,434 in a savings account at a puny 1% interest rate after-tax, you will have your trip money.

How do I cancel my PiggyVest account?

You may stop using the Services, close your PiggyVest Account, and cancel these Terms at any time by contacting us at or 0700 933 933 933 and providing sufficient information for us to verify your identity.

How do I contact PiggyVest?

Contact Email Number 0700 933 933 933.

How do you get OTP on PiggyVest?

To set up your security question, login to your PiggyVest account and click Account > Account Settings > 2FA to set up yours. Tap the orange tab on the page to generate an OTP and then enter your security question and answer.

Who is the owner of PiggyVest?

Odunayo EweniyiOdunayo Eweniyi is Co-founder and COO of PiggyVest. She previously cofounded, one of the largest job sites in Africa with the largest database of prescreened candidates.

Which is better Cowrywise or PiggyVest?

Both Cowrywise and PiggyVest offer great interest rates. While the least interest rate is 10% per year for both, PiggyVest however offers 13% to users locked into its SafeLock plan. Users of the Piggybank and Target Savings get 10% interest. Cowrywise users get 10% for starters across board.

How do I redeem my PiggyVest bonus?

How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonusSteps to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus.Step 1: Navigate your way to piggyvest website or app and enter your correct login details to login.Step 2: Click on “Flex Naira” account.Step 3: It will show “No flex account number!”More items…•

How do you unlock the PiggyVest SafeLock?

Just login to your Piggybank dashboard. The SafeLock feature is right under the “My Savings” feature.

How legit is PiggyVest?

PiggyVest on Twitter: “We are 100% legit.… ”

Is it safe to put your BVN on PiggyVest?

Your BVN is required to validate your identity and further protect you against identity or money theft. In addition to regulatory requirements, adding your BVN adds an extra layer of security on your funds and transactions, it also unlocks more features on your Piggyvest account.

How do you break target on PiggyVest?

Yes, you can. Simply log into your dashboard and select the ‘Target Savings’ option on your dashboard. Click on ‘Ongoing Targets’ and then select the target you would like to end and select ‘Break’. Funds will then be sent to your Flex wallet, and you will be able to access these funds.

How do I change the withdrawal date on PiggyVest?

PiggyVest’s default withdrawal days are every 31st of March, every 30th of June, every 30th of September, and every 31st of December. You can change the withdrawal days to your preferred days/dates though. Go to My Account >> My Withdrawal day settings >> Update Withdrawal Day.