Is There Train To Mumbai To Ahmedabad?

What is the route of Tejas Express?

RoutesOriginating StationTerminal StationTrain NameMumbai CSMTKarmaliMumbai CSMT–Karmali Tejas ExpressChennai EgmoreMaduraiChennai Egmore–Madurai Tejas ExpressLucknowNew DelhiLucknow–New Delhi Tejas ExpressAhmedabadMumbai CentralAhmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express.

How can I go to Ahmedabad from Mumbai?

There is/are 2 direct train(s) from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. This/These train(s) is/are 02934, 02479, etc. The minimum time taken by a train from Ahmedabad is 6h 50m. The cheapest way to reach from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is train to Borivali and takes 6h 50m.

Is food free in Tejas Express Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

Train will run on all days of the week except Thursday. Salient features of the train are as under: Complimentary Onboard infotainment services will be available in IRCTC trains to the passengers. High-quality food and beverages will be provided to the passengers on board in the train and included in the ticket fare.

How much time does it take to reach Ahmedabad from Mumbai?

Distance Between Mumbai to AhmedabadDistance between Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Road is522 KmsDistance between Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Flight is440 KmsTravel Time from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Road is8:13 hrsNearest Airport in MumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (19.08, 72.88)1 more row

What is the name of Ahmedabad railway station?

ADIAHMEDABAD JN (ADI) Railway Station Ahmedabad Jn Railway station is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Station code of Ahmedabad Jn is ADI.

What is the ticket price of Tejas Express?

The Tejas Express ticket is priced at Rs 1,280 for AC chair car passengers and Rs 2,450 for executive chair car. However, due to dynamic pricing, the costliest Tejas ticket till now is Rs 4,325.

What food is provided in Tejas Express?

Food served in Tejas express. Plates of rajgira puri, potato gravy, dal, and rice were served to 211 passengers inside the privately run Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express on Saturday. Tejas express became the first train to serve cooked food in long-distance trains since the unlock.

How can I go to Ahmedabad by train?

A number of superfast and express trains are available for metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai from Ahmedabad Railway Station, which is also known as Kalupur Station. After reaching the station, travellers can avail services of auto rickshaws, taxis and city buses to reach the city.

Which is the biggest railway station in Gujarat?

Ahmedabad Junction railway stationAhmedabad Junction railway station (station code: ADI) is the main railway station of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is also the biggest railway station within Gujarat. It is the second-highest income-generating division in Western Railways after the Mumbai Division.

Where is train No 12834?

12834 Hwh Adi Express Live Train Running StatusStationArrivalLocomotive ReverseHOWRAH JN (HWH)23:55NoMECHEDA (MCA)00:50NoPANSKURA (PKU)01:09NoKHARAGPUR JN (KGP)02:00No40 more rows

Which train is expected to run between Mumbai to Ahmedabad?

Some of the trains that operate between Mumbai and Ahmedabad include: BDTS VRL SUP EXP , GARIB NAWAZ EXP. The first train on this route is DADAR BHUJ EXP and leaves Mumbai at 00:05 am , and the last train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is BDTS BGKT EXP and leaves Mumbai at 23:55 pm.

What can I buy from Surat?

Surat is the commercial center for textiles in the country since a long time. The city has witnessed trade even during the Mughal era. You can also get elegant fabrics like silk and brocade, khadi, handloom, as well as bangles, diamond jewellery, silverware, ivory and wood artifacts, and handicrafts here.

How far is Surat from Ahmedabad?

268KMThe Distance between Surat to Ahmedabad by road is 268KM. The aerial distance from Surat to Ahmedabad is 208KM.

What is the fare of Tejas Express from Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

At the time of filing this story, from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, the ticket price for Executive Chair Car class on the IRCTC website is Rs 2,384 (including Base fare of Rs 1,875, GST of Rs 94, Catering charge of Rs 415) while a ticket for AC Chair Car class is Rs 1,289 (including Base fare of Rs 870, GST of Rs 44, Catering …

Is food free on Tejas Express?

Snack-styled meals: Passengers travelling in Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express will get a aircraft-like snack-style meal. High-quality food and beverages will be provided to passengers and there will also be a provision for separate tea/coffee vending machines at free of cost.

What is the timing of Tejas Express?

Tejas Express TrainsNameStart StationStart TimeCSTM KRMI Tejas Express (22119)C SHIVAJI MAHARAJ T05:00Tejas Express (22120)KARMALI14:30Tejas Express (22672)MADURAI JN15:00Tejas Express (22671)CHENNAI EGMORE06:004 more rows

Is Surat a rich city?

Owing to its flourishing diamond, and textile industries, Surat is another Gujrati city that appears in the list of richest cities in India with a GDP of $59.8 billion approximately. Being the diamond cutting and polishing hub of the world, Surat attracts a large number of merchants from all around the globe.

Is Surat safe?

Surat is one of the safest city in the state of Gujarat. Taking a walk or drive at late hours, even for women, is considered safe. In general, people of Surat have a happy-go-lucky attitude and tend avoid confrontation.