Question: How Do I Send A Photo To CNN?

How do you post long articles on Facebook?

The only way to add a status longer than 63,206 characters is as a photo caption.

Create or save a blank pixel image from the Internet to act as a placeholder; a 1-by-1-pixel transparent image can be found online for this purpose..

Who is the richest news anchor?

Anderson Cooper1. Anderson Cooper Net Worth – $200 million. Anderson Cooper is the richest news anchor. His current net worth is $200 million.

What does CNN GO cost?

RENEWALS: After each month of service, your CNN Newswatch subscription will automatically renew, and the regular monthly charge of $6.95 will automatically be charged to your credit card covering the next month of service.

Is CNN on the go free?

CNNgo is the online streaming platform of CNN. The website and corresponding streaming apps require a user to enter their cable television user name and password to access live CNN, CNN International and HLN broadcasts and entire episodes of CNN shows, but watching news clips is completely free.

What is Anderson Cooper worth?

$200 millionAnderson Cooper’s net worth According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cooper is worth an astounding $200 million. In addition to his Emmy Award-winning journalism, Cooper has earned money by authoring two books.

How do I post to CNN?

E-mail multimedia submissions to Be sure to include the following information: Your name, phone number, e-mail address, hometown and a short caption that describes what is happening in your video/photo and where and when it was taken.

How do I post an article from CNN to Facebook?

How to Share Articles on FacebookLog in to Facebook with your email address and password.Click “Link,” located to the right of “Share,” near the top of your homepage.Copy the Web address of the article you want to share, and paste it in the box.More items…

How do I contact CNN about a story?

Call in a news tip. If you know about something you think CNN will want to cover, then give a call and leave a message about your tip or idea. Call 404-827-1500 and select option 1 to leave a news tip or story idea by phone.

Can I post newspaper articles on Facebook?

Click the “Post” button below the status box. The link will be posted as a status update on your wall, or timeline, and your friends’ news feed. Your friends can click on the link to read the news article.

What does CNN stand for?

Alternative Titles: Cable News Network, Cable News Network, Inc. CNN, in full Cable News Network, Inc., television’s first 24-hour all-news service, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia. CNN’s headquarters are in Atlanta.

Does Ted Turner still own CNN?

Turner, also a noted philanthropist, founded CNN in 1980 as the first 24 hour all-news cable network. He went on to become vice chairman of media conglomerate Time Warner but quit in 2003 and is no longer involved in running the company.

How do I contact the media about the story?

Look on the media outlet’s website for an email address. Find the organization’s website and search for an “About Us” or “Contact” tab. Most news organizations publish an email or phone number for tips on stories. Use this email or phone number to contact the press and tell them about your story.

Where can I send my story?

Here’s where to send your short story submissions:The New Yorker. Might as well start with a bang, right? … The Atlantic. Another highly respected magazine, The Atlantic publishes both big names and emerging writers in fiction and nonfiction. … The Threepenny Review.

How do I contact CNN by email?

Please use the form at the right or e-mail us at:

How do you get on CNN?

Get started watching Live TVSelect your provider. Click Watch Live TV on then select your TV service provider.Sign In. Enter the username and password you use to access your TV service provider online account.Watch Live TV. Watch live news coverage and your favorite shows on demand. At home or on the go!

Who owns CNN?

Turner Broadcasting SystemCNN/Parent organizations

How do I email Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper on Twitter: “comments/feedback, email #AC360 via @devnacnn”

How do you submit a story to the news?

1) The simplest format is the the News Outlet giving you an email to submit your news tip/story. The email address will usually be or You simply copy down the email address and send them your pitch. 2) The second type of format is a hosted submission box.

How do I submit a story to CNN?

You can open the contact page directly at: Click “Tip News” and submit your story to CNN. Once on the contact page you can choose the area most relevant to your story.

Where is the share button on CNN?

Open the CNN app. Select a video, live event or live TV. At the top of the video player, you will see the “CC” button.