Question: How Much Does A CA Earn In India?

Can a CA earn in crores in India?

On an average an experienced Indian CA earn around 40-50 lakhs per annum.

If you are asking for 1 crore in 1 month,it is not easy but definitely is possible..

How much do CA earn in practice?

Important factors to consider:FieldAverage PayPractice03 – 07 LakhsConsulting08 – 14 LakhsCA Firm04 – 10 LakhsIndustry (incl. MNCs, startups and others)Upto 25 lakhs based on the role

What is the salary of a CA in India?

around 7 Lakh per annumAfter clearing the final exam, one can be certified as a chartered accountant by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The starting average salary of CA fresher is around 7 Lakh per annum but with experience of more years, it keeps on increasing.

Who is the highest paid CA in India?

The international packages range upto 75 lakhs. The highest salary is offered to the rank holders and the students who pass out in a single attempt….Highest CA Salary Packages in India.CompaniesAvg. CA Salary per annumICICI Bank11-27 LakhsKPMG14-32 LakhsTATA company10-22 LakhsHindustan Unilever Ltd10-36 Lakhs6 more rows•Apr 6, 2020