Question: Should I Buy White Or Black Converse?

Which is better Converse or Vans?

While Converse are good, Vans has way more variety of Designs to offer.

Just the Vans Old Skool and Sk8-Hi are enough to balance Converse.

Even with these designs, Vans offers way better padding and cushioning that lends them a richer feel, more comfort, and durability.

On the Vans side, you got the Slip-ons..

What is the most expensive converse?

A pair of Michael Jordan’s game-worn Converse sneakers that he donned during the 1984 Olympics (for the gold-medal game against Spain) recently sold at auction for a cool $190,373 USD, making them the highest-selling game-used kicks ever.

Should I get high or low top Converse?

I have both and I’d say the low tops are more versatile, as most of the time high tops look weird paired with shorts. high tops also make your legs look shorter if your legs aren’t skinny and long. I like both, personally. If I had to break it down by rest of outfit: high-tops with jeans, lows with shorts.

Do you wear Converse with socks?

You should never make the mistake of wearing Converse sneakers (or any shoe) without socks. Not only will you get blisters, but it’s extremely unhygienic and almost always leaves an unpleasant smell that never seems to leave your shoes. … Here are the best socks for Converse shoes.

Are Converse Still in Style 2020?

Although Converse shoes haven’t changed for years, the trends from the time you started wearing them to now definitely have. That’s why the best way to wear these sneakers right now is by pairing them with the most forward and fashionable styles that have made their mark on 2020.

Why do converse smell so bad?

The dead skin holds the bad smells. Just standing in a shower with soapy water running over your feet is not good enough. … If they become really dirty or smelly despite these other precautions, wash them gently in warm soapy water, rinse them very thoroughly, and allow them to air-dry for several days.

What are the worst shoes for your feet?

The Worst Shoes For Your FeetHigh Heels. No surprise here—high heels are, by far, the worst shoes for your feet—perhaps worse than going barefoot altogether. … Flip-Flops. While high heels will always be atop our list of the worst shoes for your feet, flips flops come in a close second. … Flats. … Shoes That Don’t Fit Right.

Why do converse hurt my feet?

Converse-style sneakers We’re sorry to tell you that these beloved hipster classics can cause heel pain, stress fractures, tendonitis, and inflammation. While Converses can provide cushioning and shock absorption (we’ll give them that), the shoe bed is still pretty flat, which can be bad news for your poor feet.

Do white Converse go with everything?

White Low Top Converse To make the most of these stylish shoes, pair them with light colored pants, such as white or light-wash jeans and sand-hued chinos. You can get away with darker colored jeans, but be aware that the contrast will be quite striking, so be sure to balance the look.

What socks should I wear with Converse?

Ankle or crew socks. Any socks would work fine, I just recommend wearing band aids on the back of your ankles because they leave blisters! Converse makes a specific pair just for these shoes, I recommend them! If you want a beachy California look I’d recommend the super low cut ankle socks.

Why are converse the best?

Whether you are going to the market, on holiday, at work, or getting married; you can wear a pair of Converse sneakers. Their versatility eases stress for people who don’t enjoy carrying a lot of clothes when they travel. You can just pack them, then mix and match them with different looks.

Who has the cheapest converse?

Here’s where you can buy cheap Converse sneakers:Nordstrom.Macy’s.Amazon.Foot

What is the best color converse to get?

Top 10 Best Converse Colors Black. Black converse are the best as they are neutral, which is a really good quality. … White. You’d think they’d look plain… you’re wrong! … Red. I absolutely LOVE my red high tops. … Blue. I have blue converse and they look really good and go with most of my clothes. … Light Blue. … Purple. … Pink. … Grey.More items…

Should I buy white Converse?

White converse are the perfect footwear choice when you’re wearing jeans and a light coloured coat. Not only do Jess Ann Kirby’s converse match her coat, but the also provide contrast to the denim creating a striking overall outfit.

Are Converse shoes bad for your feet?

For the most part, Chuck Taylors are “inherently very flat shoes and offer minimal arch support or cushioning,” Dr. Megan Leahy, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, told HuffPost, adding that they can lead to arch pain, heel pain and even tendinitis.

Do Converse look better worn out?

Thompson to Kurt Cobain to Michelle Obama, people of all ages and genders are suckers for a great pair of Converse. Not only are they insanely comfortable and versatile, but they are also one of the few shoes that look better dirty and worn-in.