Question: What Is Vikalp Ticket?

How do I get vikalp confirmation?

A passenger will only be eligible for opting for Vikalp scheme if they are waitlisted in the original trains after the final chart is been prepared.

After final chart is prepared, it is mandatory for passengers to check for PNR status to ascertain whether they are selected for the alternate train..

What is Irctc vikalp scheme?

New Delhi: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced a Vikalp scheme for waitlisted passengers. This scheme will now provide confirmed berths to waitlisted passengers in an alternate train. Under the Vikalp scheme, the boarding and the termination stations might change to nearby stations.

How do I know if my vikalp ticket is confirmed?

Fully WL passengers opted for VIKALP should check PNR status after charting. No extra charges shall be taken from passenger or any refund shall be provided for difference of fare. Either all passengers of a PNR or none will be transferred to alternate train in same class.

Can I cancel vikalp ticket?

You have the option to either choose Vikalp option, and travel in another train, or cancel the existing ticket. … Now, after you say yes to Vikalp, and then you decide to cancel, then the cancellation shall be treated for a confirmed berth on the new train, not on the basis of wait-listed ticket on the old train.

Should I opt for vikalp?

The scheme is applicable to all waiting list passengers irrespective of booking quota and concession. Under this scheme, passengers can opt maximum 5 trains. Vikalp opted passengers who booked in waiting and remain fully wait listed after charting will only be considered for allotment in the alternate train.

How can I book vikalp ticket?

Initially the Vikalp scheme will be available on e-tickets or through e-booking only. At the time of booking, waitlisted passengers will be given an option to opt for the Vikalp scheme. Either all passengers of a PNR or none will be transferred to alternate train in same class.