Quick Answer: Is Aurelion SOL Good?

Who counters Aurelion Sol mid?

Aurelion Sol Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Fizz, a hard to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.36% (Good) and Play Rate of 2.97% (High)..

Why is Aurelion Sol not played?

It’s mostly because he has dedicated the time into ASol whereas other pros just don’t have the time to do the same. He has a fragile lane phase when compared to most meta mid laners, especially in competitive. The strengths of his roams are somewhat nullified when coordinated team play is involved.

Is Aurelion Sol a support?

Aurelion Sol was largely forgotten about by Riot Games after his rework. … Aurelion Sol support is an aggressiveness amplifier, meaning the optimal playstyle is to be an aggressive poker who sits in bush most of the time and provides plenty of opportunity for your bot laner to attack.

What role is Aurelion Sol?

RolesRolePopularityWinrateTop4.4%58.5%Support1.8%39.6%AD Carry1.5%45.8%Jungler0.6%46.7%1 more row

Is Aurelion Sol easy?

He’s easy from a mechanical standpoint and fairly simple in terms of his actual kit.

What Lane is Aurelion Sol?

Mid LaneMid Lane, the home of many champions in League of Legends. Aurelion Sol is a character which mainly utilizes his W/ Celestial Expansion for minion clearing.

Is Aurelion Sol a control mage?

Aurelion Sol is a zone control mage with the potential to be a powerful roaming champion with his “Comet of Legend”ability and his potential to wreak havoc with his passive “Center of the Universe.” A good Aurelion Sol will spend his time building items that increase health and AP, so they can skirt around the …

Is Aurelion Sol a dragon?

Notable Celestial Dragons Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol also known as the Golden Sun and The Star Forger is one of the oldest celestial dragons in existence. Responsible for the creation of countless stars and constellations, including The Great Beyond and Runeterras sun.

What does Aurelion Sol mean?

Lore. Aurelion Sol is a cosmic being capable of creating and destroying stars with the flick of his fingers.

Is Aurelion Sol hard?

It’s hard, but you’re not as constantly under pressure if you pair up with a farm champion. With a single support sol game, it will be more clear as to what you need to do and much more clear when and why you made a mistake.

Is Aurelion SOL good late game?

Sol is good early, great mid to late and falls off slightly super endgame when everyone has 6 items just because adc’s have much more impact at that point of the game and most of those adc’s can shut down sol easily. …

Is Aurelion Sol AO shin?

But alas Ao Shin is still not getting a release. INSTEAD he has morphed into a different character over time – still a dragon-themed champion – and is tentatively named Aurelion Sol. … Anyway, Riot have shared a bit more information about the evolution away from Ao Shin over on their Dev Corner messageboards.

Is Aurelion Sol Good Reddit?

He is freelo and probably remain so as long as long as his playrate does not spike. Riot only nerfs if the playrate is also very high. I think he’s very good. He’s a little sketchy to 1 trick because there are a lot of relatively tough comps to play him into, but you can definitely make him work.

Is brand a control mage?

As such, control mages may not be the best choice against a heavily diving or flanking oriented enemy team composition. … Whereas a mage such as Brand can singlehandedly kill most of the enemy team, most control mages rely heavily on their allies to back them up when their zone control tools are on cooldown.

Who designed Aurelion?

Luke ‘Rabid Llama’ RinardAurelion Sol gameplay designer Luke ‘Rabid Llama’ Rinard and writer Matthew ‘FauxSchizzle’ Dunn drop in to share the inside scoop on the Star Forger’s development.

Is Lux a mage?

In the game, Lux is a talented and confident light mage who flawlessly casts her spells. However, Lux does not have this mastery in Demacia. From a young age, Lux has not been able to control her magic.

Is ahri an assassin?

Ahri is just Ahri. She is not an assassin nor a mage. She lacks both qualities to make her as such. She does not do what assassins do nor what mages do.