Quick Answer: What’S The Word For Determination?

What is the similar word of talkative?

Some common synonyms of talkative are garrulous, loquacious, and voluble.

While all these words mean “given to talk or talking,” talkative may imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation..

Is determined a positive word?

Determined vs. Positive: The more you work with him, the more you’ll find he’s a very determined man. Negative: The more you work with him, the more you’ll find he’s a very stubborn man. There’s not much wrong with being determined; it means you’re likely to get things done.

What is a antonym for determined?

Antonyms: unexplained, unsettled, ambitionless, irresolute, undetermined, unambitious, docile. Synonyms: set, dictated, driven, compulsive. determined(adj)

What is the opposite word of determination?

deadlock, tie, trouble, fear, irresoluteness, carelessness, aversion, standoff, spinelessness, question, timidity, vacillation, oversight, indetermination, irresolution, weakness, incertitude, neglect, idleness, indisposition, draw, cowardice, diffidence, hesitation, indecision, wavering, stalemate, thoughtlessness, …

What word means determined?

Words related to determined tenacious, stubborn, dogged, steadfast, resolute, strong-willed, purposeful, serious, decisive, single-minded, resolved, firm, set, pat, bent, persevering, decided, obstinate, fixed, settled.

What another word for could?

What is another word for could?wouldcancould perhapscould potentiallymight possiblymight potentiallypotentially willmay potentiallycould possiblymay actually4 more rows

What is the nearest meaning of determination?

1 firm or unwavering adherence to one’s purpose.

What is the root word of determination?

The sense of determination, as making up your mind about something, finds its roots in an Old French word meaning “decision,” such as the judge’s determination that the man was guilty, or the panel’s determination that the chocolate was too bitter. …

What is an example of determination?

Determination is defined as a firm intent or a decision which has been reached. An example of determination is the strength to keep applying for jobs after being turned down by dozens of potential employers. An example of determination is a jury’s verdict in a trial. … Returned to school with a determination to finish.

What are the types of determination?

The four basic types of nominal determination are singular definite, indefinite (a variety of determinations including simple indefinite), absolute and relative, where possessive determination is a combination of relative reference and possessor specification.

Is determination a character trait?

Determination is a powerful personal character trait where you are intent on achieving a goal. The opposite of determination includes disinterest, hesitation, and indecisiveness. Being too determined to achieve a goal may be obsessiveness or unable to see the difficulties.

What is another word for determination?

In this page you can discover 98 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for determination, like: resolve, persistence, ascertainment, certainty, resolution, measurement, resoluteness, dogmatism, firm faith, guts and a stiff upper lip.

What is the best synonym for determination?


Is determined a feeling?

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. … Empirical research suggests that people consider determination to be an emotion; in other words, determination is not just a cognitive state, but rather an affective state.

Is Detrimentation a word?

The word “Detrimented” comes from its original word “Detriment” which also shares its same definition to one another. Example: The suicidal individual was detrimented and depleted of their emotional sustainability. Synonyms: Destroyed, Broken, Ruined, Demolished, Harmed, Damaged, Injured, Impaired.

What are two synonyms for determined?