What Events Led To Mahendra Leaving The Place In A Hurry?

Why did Mahendra move from place to place?

Mahendra had to move place to place because he was a supervisor in a firm .

That firm offered to hire supervisors at the construction sites.

The nature of his job was to move from one place to another.

His job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site ..

Why did iswaran leave the story in the middle what did he say?

Answer. Answer:iswaran left the story in the middle because Mahendra told him to do so.

Why did Mahendra shiver when he was listening to iswaran’s words?

Ans:This description made Mahendra shiver with horror although he put up a brave show by dismissing Iswaran’s belief in ghosts or spirits as a figment of his imagination. At first he put it down to a cat prowling around for mice. But the sound was too guttural for a cat.

How did iswaran build up his ghost story?

Iswaran built up the ghost story by narrating how he sometimes saw ghosts at night. He told details about having seen an ugly female ghost holding a foetus in her arms.

Why did Mahendra enjoy his stories What was his reaction to the story relating to a ghost?

His descriptions were influenced by the Tamil authors he read. Even while narrating the smallest of incidents, he would try to make the account thrilling and full of suspense. Mahendra enjoyed listening to the stories told by Iswaran because of the way they were told. Thus, Iswaran was a real asset for Mahendra.

How could Mahendra adjust easily to any condition?

Answer. Mahendra could easily adjust to any condition as he was a bachelor and had the habit of moving from one place to another..

What was Mahendra one asset?

He had an amazing ability to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients out of nowhere. Mahendra always kept him wherever he was posted. The cook was also quite attached to Mahendra and followed him uncomplainingly. That is why he was an asset to Mahendra.

What would iswaran do after Mahendra had left for duty?

Answer: When Mahendra left for the office, Iswaran would do his work and take a leisurely bath. While taking bath, he kept muttering a prayer. After lunchtime, he would read for a while before going to sleep.

Why did Mahendra expect iswaran angry?

Mahendra expected Iswaran to be angry because he had stopped Iswaran from telling a useless story. He had disliked the story and interrupted him sharply. He had scolded Iswaran badly and said that Iswaran had gone mad.

How did iswaran say he controlled the wild elephant?

According to Iswaran,he was studying in the junior class at that time. He grabbed a cane from the hands of one of the teachers and ran into the open. He moved slowly towards the elephant. … It looked stunned and collapsed.In this way, Iswaran controlled the wild elephant.

Why Mahendra left his job?

Mahendra believed that ghosts or spirits was just an imagination. … He found that the ghost was often visiting him in his dreams. He was pretty sure that there were ghosts around and thus wanted to leave. He therefore decided to resign from his job as he was not comfortable living there.

Why did Mahendra enjoy his stories?

Mahendra enjoyed listening to Ishwaran’s story because of the inimitable way in which it was told. His stories were packed with adventure, horror and suspense.

What kind of life did Mahendra lead?

Mahendra was and unmarried man with simple needs. He made his living by supervising construction work at different sites as per orders from his head office. He was always accompanied by his cook Iswaran who served him faithfully.

Why was there never an end to iswaran’s tales?

Iswaran’s tales never ended because he drew his stories from Tamil thrillers that he read everyday after lunch. These thrillers were imaginative, descript and narrative. The more he would read, the more stories he had to narrate to Mahendra.

What did Mahendra decide to do after his experience on the full moon night?

Answer. After his experience on the full moon night Mahendra decided to leave that place. He hurried to his office and handed his papers resolving to leave the place the very next day.

How did iswaran describe the female ghost?

Iswaran described the female ghost in the most garish manner. He said she had matted hair and a shrivelled face. She was also holding a foetus in her arms.

What was iswaran amazing capacity?

Answer. Answer: Iswaran was the cook of Mahendra he was attached to him he kept his meal was his cloth and chatted with him at night he had amazing capacity to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients he had always this things ready end in a desert where there was no shop at all he did miracle.