Who Is The CEO Of India Today?

Who is the founder of India today?

Vidya Vilas PurieIndia Today was established in 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie (owner of Thompson Press), with his daughter Madhu Trehan as its editor and his son Aroon Purie as its publisher.

At present, India Today is also published in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

The India Today news channel was launched on 22 May 2015..

Who is the CEO of Aaj Tak?

Aroon PurieAroon Purie He is the Editor-in-chief of the Group and the Chairman of Living Media India Pvt. Ltd.

Who is the owner of Living Media?

Living MediaTrade nameTV Today Network Ltd.FoundersAroon PurieHeadquartersNew Delhi, IndiaKey peopleAroon Purie, Chairman Ashish Bagga, CEOProductsBroadcasting publishing radio web portals10 more rows

Who is editor in chief of NDTV India?

Aunindyo ChakravartyAunindyo Chakravarty – Senior Managing Editor, Aunindyo Chakravarty holds the responsibility of heading both NDTV India and NDTV Profit. Aunindyo was part of the original team that launched NDTV Profit and took it to No. 1 in its second week when he helped set up the network’s business news channel.

Who is the owner of Aaj Tak Group?

Shteesh BhadauriyaAaj TakProgrammingOwnerLiving MediaKey peopleShteesh Bhadauriya (CMD)Sister channelsIndia Today Tez Dilli Aaj TakHistory34 more rows

Who is Arun Puri daughter?

Koel PurieKalli PurieAroon Purie/Daughters

Does NDTV own India today?

India Today (formerly Headlines Today) is a 24-hour English language television network based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh that carries news, current affairs and business programming in India. The channel is owned by TV Today Network Ltd, which is a part of Living Media.

Who runs NDTV?

Corporate culture and governance. The co-founders, journalist Radhika Roy and economist Prannoy Roy, have a controlling stake in the company, individually holding 16.32% and 15.95% of the shares respectively, and jointly holding an additional 29.18%.

Does reliance own NDTV?

NDTV claimed that Reliance neither has editorial control over the media house, nor any of the Reliance representatives sits on the board of directors of NDTV. Likewise, Reliance’s subsidiary Vishvapradhan also stated that it just provided a loan to NDTV and it does not have any control over it.